Karol Speckman

I am originally from Colombia. I moved to San Diego in 2001. My husband, two daughters, and I lived in Pacific Beach for several years before relocating to East Lake in 2012. I love all that East Lake has to offer. My daughters are both enrolled in local public schools and make daily use of nearby parks and the many miles of running trails, usually with Whiskey, our family border collie.

I became a Realtor in 2004. I was drawn to real estate for two simple reasons. First, I absolutely love real estate. From the financial aspects to design and construction to urban modeling, I enjoy all aspects of what makes real estate a consistently wise long term investment. I have been involved in almost all aspects of real estate at one time or another. I have represented nearly one hundred buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of real estate. I have been involved in the financing of real estate purchase and construction. Working with my attorney husband, I have helped many hundreds of clients with the legal aspects of real estate. I have been and remain an active real estate investor myself.

Second, I have committed my life to helping others. No where is this most evident than in my professional life. A career in real estate has allowed me to introduce new families to the benefits of home ownership, assist investors realize the wealth creating power of real estate, help retirees downsize to a suitable home in an active area, and work with those struggling financially to save their home. My years in real estate have been rewarding and I am very proud of all that my team and I have accomplished.

My commitment to my client’s success continues. Now with EXP Realty, I am humbled by the many warm letters and messages I receive from former clients. I am proud to say that most of my new business comes from referrals from prior clients. Still, I will regularly door knock in neighborhoods because I love meeting people and getting to know them and their family and I will often speak at church and other events to pass on useful information to people. And, yes, I still assist my husband in his law practice from time to time to help those struggling to keep their home.

My passion for real estate and many years of real life experience allows me to find the best solutions for my clients. I hope that I can call you a client too.


+1 (619) 993-2700